Dom Pérignon Michael Riedel Edition
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Dom Pérignon Michael Riedel Edition 2006
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Dom Pérignon Michael Riedel Edition 2006 Champagne

Dom Pérignon is the prestige cuvée of prestige cuvées made in amazing volumes yet it has sheer class ensuring it's one of the best of its competitors. The production, style and sheer class of the wines are so distinguishable, the two brands are best considered autonomous. Dom Pérignon is produced on premises in Épernay and is based on a core of Grand Cru villages, including the oldest vines of the Premier Cru of Hautvillers, the historical and spiritual home of Dom Pérignon. 'The Dom' is a wine of tension, power and long-aging endurance and has been the vision of the talented Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave, for over two and a half decades.

The 2006 vintage is the fifth consecutive Dom Pérignon release beginning with the renowned 2002. With similar weather characteristics as the 2002 the 2006 vintage was overall hot and dry, the vines grew in fits and starts with a heat wave during July being overtaken by a cool and humid August. The ultimate factor was the summery weather during September, allowing the grapes to mature far more than usual. As a result, the harvest was the longest on record, four weeks beginning on 11th September.

Initial impressions on the nose are of floral and ripe tropical fruits, opening to a more candied fruit and toasted notes. On the palate an increasing level of creaminess and complexity, which is certain to develop as time passes. It's a Champagne showing true hallmarks of a superb vintage which given time will position itself as one of the vintages of the decade.

The 2016 Creators edition has been formed in partnership with Michael Riedel, the famous German contemporary artist. The box and bottle are designed with many 'D' and 'P' letters from the maisons name, by creating a complex layering of the two letters.

Grape Varieties: 60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir
Dosage: 5 g/L

Dom Pérignon Micheal Riedel Limited Edition 2006 Champagne: same day delivery in London, next day UK mainland & free delivery on 6+ bottles.
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Dom Pérignon Michael Riedel Edition,
Aug 2016
“Stylish glittering pale gold with tiny flowing bubbles. Chardonnay scents lead into citrus fruits with floral lilac and snow drop aromas. The Pinot Noir is starting to stir amongst the ripe pear and peach flavours that are healthily tight. A fine acidity in a year lacking some. As always you need to be patient with Dom Pérignon, the supreme reductive style. This is still a baby with much potential.,
Jul 2016
“Back label says this is the ‘First Plénitude’ of Dom P, having been aged for nine years. 55% Pinot Noir, 45% Chardonnay.
Bright pale slightly greenish straw. Rich, very tightly laced nose with many layers and great density – on the nose. Real excitement here with some tension. Some unashamed richness underneath but excellent freshness too. Something quite electric about this. Almost unfurled. You could certainly drink this with pleasure already but there is clearly lots tucked away here for future development. Impressively long and reverberant. 12%”,
Mar 2016
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“A genuinely outstanding effort with the sometimes over-rich 2006 vintage, the light-gold DP is classy, fresh, refined and floral, with an intense, vivacious, darting palate with a weave of green lime and sea-shore pungency through it. Not many 06s can truly be said to be ‘chalky’ but this, weighed and filtered on the tongue, does indeed suggest the powdery dust which falls from the blackboard as you wipe it. Perhaps pure-steel handling helps the drinker perceive this? ”,
Oct 2015
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“The 2006 Dom Pérignon is a beautifully balanced, harmonious Dom Pérignon that strikes an incredibly appealing stylistic middle ground. Rich, voluptuous and creamy, the 2006 shows off fabulous intensity in a style that brings together the ripeness of 2002 with the greater sense of verve and overall freshness that is such a signature of the 2004. Bass notes and a feeling of phenolic grip on the finish recall the 2003, as the Pinot Noir is particularly expressive today. After an irregular summer that saw elevated temperatures in July followed by cooler, damp conditions in August, more favorable weather returned in September, pushing maturation ahead and leading to a long, protracted harvest. The 2006 falls into the family of riper, more voluptuous Dom Pérignons, but without veering into the level of opulence seen in vintages such as 2002.”,
Oct 2015
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“Tasted blind. Pale greenish gold. Intense youthful nose. Dense and tense. Youthful with some sweetish creaminess. Slightly chewy on the end. 2006? ”,
Sep 2015
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“The 2006 is a bold and ripe Dom Pérignon full of exuberant tropical fruit and vanilla notes, topped up with the hallmark fragrant, gunpowder and toast character. It has a broad, rich mid-palate and a truly dry, salient finish with a phenolic touch of a ripe year. The fruitiness is polished and bright and there is fine, balanced freshness to it. This vintage is built to last, it is still tight but packed with fleshy fruitiness. ”
Bought directly from Moët Hennessy, this is currently held in bond at Vinotheque in Burton-On-Trent, where it is cellared in ideal conditions and for same day deliveries small quantities are held in our London offices in a top of the range Eurocave

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