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Krug 2000
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Krug 2000
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Krug 2000 Champagne

More vintages: 1995, 1996, 1998, 2002, 2003Just five years after Joseph Krug founded the Champagne House in 1843, he documented his great vision for Krug. In his notebook, he revealed the principles of creating a champagne of great richness and yet great elegance, of selecting only the finest elements from the greatest terroirs, rejecting mediocre fruit and making both a non-vintage and a vintage cuvée (revolutionary at the time). Discovered by Olivier Krug just four years ago, the ideals in this notebook and Krug's resolute commitment to them, has secured it's position as the most luxurious and exclusive of all champagnes.

The potential for a Krug vintage wine is identified during the blending of Grande Cuvée, and only after the blend has been secured and all of the reserves earmarked, with the wines displaying the most pronounced character of the vintage becoming the vintage wine. Krug decided to create a vintage for this last year of the millennium and dubbed it "Gourmandise Orageuse" (Stormy Indulgence) to reflect this unusual and climatically chaotic year. The 2000 vintage was hot, rainy and stormy; the harvest was bountiful and the grapes were astoundingly rich.

Despite its tumultuous season, there's a gentle and calm demeanour to Krug 2000. It's aglow with yellow summer fruits and grapefruit, with a really lemony, powerful nose. Rich, precise and indulgent in the mouth this vintage brings together the complexity and the generosity of a very exciting year. Krug 2000 is one of the most intense, dramatic and romantic Krug vintages ever made. It also has a very high ageing potential.

The bottle or magnum does not come in a gift box and will be delivered in a bottle gift bag.

Grape Varieties: 43% Chardonnay, 42% Pinot Noir, 15% Pinot Meunier
Dosage: 6 g/L

Krug 2000 Champagne: same day delivery in London, next day UK mainland & free delivery on 6+ bottles.
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Feb 2016
“This is one my favourite Krugs of the recent years in its macho richness and muscular structure. The stylish oaky note is finely integrated to the intense fireworks of aromas ranging from coffee and patisserie to vanilla, oriental spice and dried fruits. Sits beautifully on the reductive side, aging slowly. Never-ending, impressively concentrated finish full of succulent fruit. Great ageing potential but blooming already.”,
Jan 2016
“ID 114009. 42% Pinot Noir, 43% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Meunier.
Tense, complex nose. Exotic smoked notes of lapsang souchong tea. Really urgent and energetic with a rich finish. ”
Dec 2015
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“In its current condition, extremely mineral-driven and sea-splashed, showing iodine, oyster shells and a light, pleasant bready aroma. Crispy-clean and beautifully balanced flavour. Impressive acidity and lively elegance.”,
Sep 2015
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“A very young and delicate wine that will require long time before you ease the cork. In the current situation extremely mineral-driven and sea-splashed. Iodine, iodine, oyster shells, and small nice bready tone in the fragrance. Crispy clean and beautiful balanced flavor. Impressive acidity and lovely elegance.”,
Sep 2015
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“Very fragrant. This has developed bright, ripe red cherry fruit aromas, vanilla cream, sweet roasted almond biscuits, some marzipan, tobacco, lemon meringue and chalky minerals. The palate has an assertive core of fine acidity with more yellow fruits expressed on entry, like peaches and nectarines. Good ripeness, superfine acidity. The redder fruits build as it goes; cherries and raspberries, yellow plums to close. Full of life. Drink now or up to 20 years, it will go the distance.”,
Nov 2014
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“Brioche, dried pear, smoke, almonds, chamomile and wild herbs are all laced together in Krug's 2000 Vintage. A wine of striking depth and resonance, the 2000 is absolutely gorgeous today. The first signs of very early tertiary complexity have begun to appear while the acidity is softening, both of which make the 2000 delicious today. At the same time, there is no hurry. I imagine the 2000 will still be gorgeous 20 years from now. Slight elements of reduction linger on the close. The blend is 43% Chardonnay, 42% Pinot Noir and 15% Pinot Meunier, a rare vintage in which Chardonnay is quite high. ID 313041.”,
Oct 2014
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“(Krug decided to create a vintage wine for the last year of the millennium and dubbed this ""Gourmandise Orageuse"" or Stormy Indulgence, since it culminated from a challenging year in the vineyard.) A wonderfully layered and nuanced nose features an intense yeasty character to the maturing fruit that displays interesting phenolic characters, in particular petrol, along with aromas of apple, pear and soft citrus hints. In contrast to the nascent maturity expressed by the nose the flavor profile is still tight and backward with a genuinely gorgeous texture, all wrapped in a strikingly persistent and highly complex finish. For my taste the 2000 Brut is at an inflection point as the nose does offer enough maturity so that it's really quite pretty whereas the palate impression is substantially younger. As such it really just depends on how you prefer your Champagne because I suspect that the nose will be very mature by the time the still very youthful flavors attain their majority. For my taste preferences it would be no vinous crime to begin enjoying this now but be aware that this will age for a very long time. The best approach is probably to buy 6, or even 12, bottles and enjoy them over a longer period of time.”,
Jan 2014
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“Dense and wonderfully complex. Still extremely tight-knit. Classic Krug vintage and a big contrast with the more open and oleaginous 2003. Extremely vivacious. This was a hot year but not excessively so - with storms mid August. Lighter and fresher than the 2003 and surely with a very long life.”
Bought directly from Moët Hennessy, this is currently held in bond at Vinotheque in Burton-On-Trent, where it is cellared in ideal conditions and for same day deliveries small quantities are held in our London offices in a top of the range Eurocave

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