Ao Yun - Yunnan, China
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Ao Yun - Yunnan, China
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Ao Yun - Yunnan, China 2013
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Ao Yun - Yunnan, China 2013

In the remote northwest corner of the Yunnan province, lies Deqin country, a hidden paradise among the Himalayan Mountains near the legendary city of Shangri-La. The vineyards are located in Adong, Xidang, Sinong, Shuori, just below the sacred Meili Mountain at altitudes varying from 2,200 to 2,600 metres, to allow the Cabernet Sauvignon to give its finest expression of a unique terroir.

In a project undertaken by Moet Hennessy's Estate and Wines division the vines were first planted in 2002, mostly Cabernet Sauvignon and around 10% Cabernet Franc. Due to the landscape of the vineyard and the sheer height above sea level has resulted in the wine to be called Ao Yun, simply meaning flying or roaring above the clouds. Due to the altitude, the climate is hotter and drier than the vineyards at ground level, with only 250mm of rain falling during the summer months; by comparison Bordeaux experiences 750mm. The days of intense sunshine and UV exposure combined with cool nights provides good photosynthesis, great concentration, thick skins, small berries and deeply coloured wines. The grapes are farmed organically due to a lack of mildew or botrytits, hence no need for chemicals to be sprayed. Just 2,000 cases have been produced and due to the remote area of vineyard, there is little room for expansion.

The fruit in the wine is fleshy and rich and its soft structure is very fresh on the palate. This blend of 95% Cabernet Sauvignon mixed with a slight amount of Merlot is all aged in 40% new oak. The tannins are of great quality suggest a lot of life ahead of this wine, but equally is very pleasurable to drink right now.

Only 500 bottles have been released in the UK.

Ao Yun 2013 is displayed in a magnificent wooden box: same day delivery in London, next day UK mainland & free delivery on 6+ bottles.
Ao Yun Overview
Ao Yun - Yunnan, China
Ao Yun - Yunnan, China,
Jul 2016
“Ao Yun 2013 A blend of 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc, this is a bold, dramatic and compelling debut wine from winemaker Maxence Dulou. Particularly impressive is the strong sense and imprint of place which is partially revealedÖ”,
Dec 2015
“Debut vintage, decanted well in advance.
A blend of 80-85% Cabernet Sauvignon with Cabernet Franc, whose fresh, leafy aroma made itself felt on the finish. Excellent, deep vibrant purplish crimson. Very intense with the exceptional clarity and intensity of a high-elevation wine like Ribera del Duero. Sumptuous nose but on the palate the acidity is evident with some extremely soft tannins. Very persistent and impressive. Not sweet but very good. ”

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