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Delamotte Blanc de Blancs NV
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A rare & refined Blanc de Blancs, just 10k btls produced.
Delamotte Blanc de Blancs 2012
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A great champagne from the top 2012 vintage

Champagne Delamotte Brand Overview & Buy Champagnes Same Day Delivery

Champagne Delamotte is the sixth eldest Champagne house, founded more than 250 years ago (1760) in Reims by François Delamotte, a vineyard owner. He and other Champagne producers were the creators of a tradition based on quality. Their modus operandi, far from being viewed as quaint, earned them a place in the Encyclopedia of Physiocrates. Their practices have been used as a model and a paradigm by other businesses due to their progressive outlook and insistence on quality. They were truly modern-minded people and their masterpiece - the wines - continue to be recreated anew each year and the house of Delamotte is a prime example of the traditions of quality they embody.

François’s son, Alexandre Delamotte, brought the cellars, caves and offices of the house of Delamotte to one beautiful mansion at the end of the 18th century. In 1828, his brother, Nicolas Louis Delamotte, also known as the Chevalier Delamotte Barrachin - a former Chevalier de Malte and President of the Chamber of Commerce of Reims - assumed management of Champagne Delamotte. In this tenure with the Chamber of Commerce, Nicolas was well known for hosting spectacular events, namely the coronation of France's last King, Charles X. The house was sold to the Lanson family in the 1830s, who later started producing a Lanson label. It was eventually acquired by Marie-Louise de Nonancourt, born Lanson, in the period between the two World Wars. In 1927, Marie-Louise made the decision to transfer the activities of Champagne Delamottte to Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. The management of the company was entrusted to the capable hands of Marie-Louise's youngest son, Charles de Nonancourt. It was Charles who established the golden rules for the business: ensure a consistent quality by purposefully limiting production and maintain at least three harvests in the cellars at all times.

In 1988, Champagne Delamotte joined forces with the still enigmatic Champagne Salon under the umbrella of the parent company, Laurent-Perrier, led by Charles' brother, Bernard. Today, Delamotte and its sister company Champagne Salon are under the direction of Didier Depond in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. A man of passion and compassion, he is continually developing the outstanding image of these two exceptional wines. Just ten people manage the annual production of 750,000 bottles. Vinification is supervised by Michel Fauconnet, cellar master at Laurent-Perrier. Chardonnay grapes from Le Mesnil-sur-Oger are the key ingredient in their champagnes with a small quantity of grapes from Avize, Cramant and Oger also used to balance the harvest. Pinot Noir grapes from the 100% Grand Crus of the Montagne de Reims, such as Ambonnay, Bouzy and Tours-sur-Marne are added to make Delamotte Brut and Delamotte Rosé.

The vineyards of Delamotte and those of their faithful growers receive special care to maintain uniform quality standards. A close cooperation, developed over decades of working together, ensures that pruning, nipping of buds, tying of the vines and the other viticultural tasks are done in the most efficient manner to yield the highest quality grapes. The grapes are finally sorted during the harvest by pickers who have been working with Delamotte for years. This aesthetic, rigorous endeavour to always work better is a long-lasting ideal of the house. One of the founding principles of Champagne Delamotte (and of its sister company, Salon) is that Champagne is first and foremost a wine to be enjoyed and appreciated for its quality and authenticity. The wine should be - from the very start - subtle, profound and rich with the aromas and flavours which ultimately create outstanding Champagne. It truly is a labour of love.