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Hattingley Valley Classic Cuvee
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A great harvest in 2013 produced well-rounded sparkling.

Hattingley Valley English Sparkling Wine Brand Overview - Same Day Delivery

Hattingley Valley specialise in producing high quality sparkling wines. Traditional methods are used to make the range of wines identical to those used in the production of Champagne. The style of wines produced by Hattingley has one key element, that being the very subtle use of oak barrels to ferment a small proportion of the wines each year as well as the ageing on lees in stainless steel tanks. This softens the wines before they go into bottles for the second fermentation.

Simon Robinson established Hattingley Valley in 2008. Following in depth feasibility studies, the first 28 acre south facing site was planted in May of that year. While researching how best to set up a winery, Simon met Emma Rice who had recently founded Custom Crush, a wine analysis laboratory and wine making consultancy for the burgeoning domestic wine industry. Together Simon and Emma planned the modern, eco-friendly winery in Wield that was completed in 2010. It uses the latest technology and equipment from continental Europe, has sophisticated waste disposal facilities and as the first UK winery to adopt solar power.

Today the wine making team is made up of Emma and Jacob Leadley, both of whom trained at Plumpton, and Will Perkins who is currently studying there. This dynamic team is excited about the English wine industry explosion and believes that one of the best things about the UK sector is that it allows them to be innovative in making wines.

The vineyard team is headed up by Jim Bowerman and Romain Henroin who are assisted by James Matyear. These dedicated viticulturists willingly pioneer techniques in wind and frost protection, irrigation, nutrient application and canopy management. They continually evaluate the Hampshire terroir and experiment by planting a range of grape varieties and root stock in order to achieve the very bets fruit-bearing vines. The team manages 60 acres on two well-situated sites. The vines are nurtured throughout the growing year with an environmentally sensitive approach to viticulture that ensures optimum ripeness, yield and fruit quality.

Since launching its first release in August 2013, Hattingley Valley has developed into one of the most respected producers ad leading contract manufacturers of English sparkling wines in the country. Their sparkling wines have been recognised in competitions across the globe.

On the estate is Chalk Hill, made of 10 million year old terroir, believed to be the same ridge as in Champagne. Along with the traditional Champagne varieties, Simon added an additional 3000 vines of different grape varieties in order to determine which grapes performed best in each of his vineyards.