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Herbert Hall Traditional Method Brut
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English sparkling from Kent packed full of fresh fruits.

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Herbet Hall is a relative newcomer to the production of English Wine having only been established as recently as 2007. In spite of the fact that the land has only recently been planted to vine, in the 19th century it was being farmed by a relative of the owner Nick Hall, his great grandfather. To honour him, Nick decided to name the winery after the man who started farming in Marden in 1893 on the very site that is now the vineyard. Nick is sure Herbert would approve of the new use of the land and the wine that bears his name.

The Herbert hall vineyards are certified organic by the soil association. The belief is that with minimal intervention, the grapes reveal their true expression of the environment. With two vineyards producing a relatively small amount of wine (in the region of between 15,000 and 20,000 bottles), the Garden Vineyard is the larger of the two planted on a South-facing 4-degree gravel-seamed clay slope outside the village of Marden in the Weald of Kent. The warm site in the heart of the 'Garden of England' has consistently produced the earliest and finest fruit on the estate since it was first farmed by Herbert Hall in the 19th Century.