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Imperial Oscietra Caviar (GUE) (30g)

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Description & Technical Information
The Oscietra caviar is from the Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon which is indigenous to the Caspian Sea and traditionally known as 'Russian Caviar.' The Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon becomes caviar mature at 10 - 14 years, growing a firmer textured egg with a kaleidoscope of colours from warm brown greys, olive greens to dark golden yellows.

It has a wonderfully slight nuttiness to the flavour and an incredible texture that warrants you popping it against the roof of your mouth! Imperial Oscietra caviar is one of the most precious and sort after and delicious caviar available; to many its considered more superior than Beluga.

We buy our caviar from a company who farm their sturgeon in Jessen, Germany, they are dedicated to raising the world's finest sturgeon in a sustainable and ecologically-friendly manner. The Oscietra is processed using the traditional Malossol, “lightly salted” method, preferred by connoisseurs. Only the very finest salt is used to preserve the caviar.

You can order caviar with champagne or by itself. We will dispatch the caviar in special ice bags to keep the caviar in perfect condition. We recommend you store the caviar in the coldest part of your fridge ideally at 0-2 °C. Generally the sooner your caviar is consumed, the fresher it will taste! Once opened consume within 24 hours and avoid metal spoons.

Ingredients: Sturgeon Roe, Salt, E285