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Louis Roederer, the largest independent, family-managed champagne maker is the fortunate owner to 235 hectares of sublimely located vineyards. Uniquely, after 10 years of experimentation, they are beginning to witness the benefits of a biodynamically managed vineyard. Chef de Cave, Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon is particular about Louis Roederer’s craft; “We don’t blend, we combine,” he says. “I love art, and like a great painter we add colour rather than blending.”

In 1876, Russia's Tsar Alexander II - a lover of Louis Roederer wines - asked the producer to create a special cuvée for his personal use which was unique, in both its style and bottle design. So Louis Roederer offered him an exceptional crystal bottle, containing the fruit of vines selected from the seven great crus on his estate. This cuvée would be offered in only the truly 'great' years in which the ripeness of the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes could provide the subtle, precise balance that have now become the distinction of the leading prestige cuvée of Champagne.

The 2006 Vintage

Released just two years ago, Cristal 2006 is still a new vintage, however this hasn’t prevented it from receiving remarkable critical acclaim. VinousMedia’s Antonio Galloni initially rated it 96+/100, describing it as, “one of the most towering, structured young Cristals I can remember tasting.” He then raised this score to 97/100 when tasting it again just 5 months later alongside the 2002 (which he scored 96/100): “Tasted next to the 2002, today the 2006 is a bit less opulent but just as intense, layered and deep. This is a fabulous showing.”

It’s important to note here that the Cristal 2006 is very, very young and needs a few years to develop. Galloni advises, “Readers need to give the 2006 another 4-5 years in bottle, perhaps longer.” This is by no means a disadvantage for Cristal 2006 investment – having received such rave reviews already whilst still a few years away from reaching its peak, this is going to develop wonderfully. Jancis Robinson, who scored it 17++/20, perhaps sums it up best: “(Cristal 2006) throbs with future possibility. Great potential but not yet reality.”

Market Value

A quick assessment of the 5-year performance of the similarly rated Cristal 2002 gives insight into what can happen to the Champagnes value as stock availability declines. As we can see below, for the first year or two, the market value remained stable alongside the stock available in the market. However, three years after release, the stock available in the market begins to deplete and, as we’d expect, the market value gradually increases.

Cellar Watch graph

In the last two and a half years, the value of Cristal 2002 has experienced a 51.5% increase, rising from £1,168 to £1,770 per 12 x 75cl case.

Cellar Watch graph

Further investment advantage of Louis Roederer Cristal is its excellent vintage premium. As with Champagne from other prestige houses, the value of Cristal has increased copiously and incrementally with age. As the equal highest rated (by Antonio Galloni) of the recent Cristal vintages, and currently the cheapest on the market to purchase, Cristal 2006 displays the lowest price-over-points ratio (a loose measure of value, calculated by dividing the price of a wine by its 20-point score).

Louis Roederer Cristal POP scores by vintage
Vintage Av case price WA Score POP
1996 £2,702 96 168.9
1997 £1,866 94 133.3
2002 £1,770 96 110.6
2004 £1,300 97 76.5
2005 £1,150 92 95.8
2006 £1,100 97 64.7

This, alongside Antonio Galloni’s already upgraded scoring; suggests if past performance continues then 2006 Cristal might have a bright future.

TFB In Bond Price: £0.00 per 6x75cl case

Data as at 3rd March 2015

Antonio Galloni, VinousMedia.com - 97/100 - “Broad, ample and resonant on the palate, the 2006 Cristal dazzles with its pure richness and volume. Readers need to give the 2006 another 4-5 years in bottle, perhaps longer, as the wine appears to be shutting down a bit. Tasted next to the 2002, today the 2006 is a bit less opulent but just as intense, layered and deep. This is a fabulous showing.”

Jancis Robinson MW, JancisRobinson.com – 17++/20 - “2006 was a very warm year, characterised by contrasting rainfall patterns. Following on from an unusually cold and rainy August, a warm, dry September hastened up the ripening process producing distinctive, rich, complex grapes. Disgorged January 2013.Current vintage. Quite rich, powerful nose. Intense and powerful Still very high in acidity. Tightly wound. I'd almost decant this! Throbs with future possibility. Great potential but not yet reality.”

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Last Updated: 3rd March 2015