67 Pall Mall: Latest




“London’s wine connoisseurs now have a home.”

It’s a bold opening statement on the website of 67 Pall Mall but one we’re inclined to agree with more and more with each visit. As you may know, October sees the opening of London’s eagerly anticipated unique private members’ club. In the heart of historic St James’s, Pall Mall is legendary for its gentleman’s clubs – entertaining Oxford alumni, politicians, diplomats and Naval Officers for nearly two and a half centuries – but 67 Pall Mall will be taking a notably different format.

Founded by wine lovers, for wine lovers, 67 Pall Mall is a unique private club, where members will enjoy access to some of the finest and rarest wines in the world, direct from the Club’s extensive cellars. The founders’ disappointment at being unable to enjoy fine wine at sensible prices is what originally prompted the development of 67 Pall Mall – a frustration with which we are very familiar. Time and time again, we have expressed our grievance at London’s top restaurants charging anything up to a 300% mark-up (and sometimes more) for a bottle of fine wine or Champagne and the comeback has always been the same: we can, so we will. And whilst the reputation, location and clientele of some of these restaurants may well permit them to make such margins – it seems anyone similarly fed-up will now have another option.

67 Pall Mall’s goal is to encourage members to pull the cork and discover a new wine as and when they wish – a cause with which we agree and wholeheartedly support. Having already attracted 1,000 members, it’s opening in October promises a new era for the world of wine in London and we couldn’t be more excited to be working

alongside them for our upcoming Bottle vs. Magnum & Jeroboam tasting on Thursday 8th October.




With a prestigious location, a truly magnificent venue and such a welcome mission at the core of the Club’s foundation, 67 Pall Mall was the obvious choice for such a standout Champagne event. Sir Edwin Lutyens’ majestic building is being transformed into a luxurious, convivial and welcoming clubhouse and with our event just a few weeks away, we dropped by to check on progress and wet our appetite for the opening.

It’s hard not to be awestruck by the building before even entering, but it’s inside where the true majesty is revealed. The grand Members’ Lounge is sure to impress guests immediately on arrival; this cavernous room with its high ceilings and immense windows is shaping up to be a resplendent welcome and with a delicious food menu to compliment the extensive wine list, this could prove a difficult room to walk out of (and certainly impossible to leave sober!)

The rear of the Members’ Lounge will house a spectacular Wine Library, displaying thousands of bottles of the Club’s collection – a sort of playground for the connoisseur – with members encouraged to peruse and select bottles to discover and enjoy.

The Finest Bubble will be hosting our Bottle vs. Magnum & Jeroboam tasting in the large basement space, coined the St James’s Room (pictured below, early September).

With its contemporary, elegant design, large open space and luxurious alcove seating areas, this is the perfect room for tastings, dinners and celebrations.






We are thrilled to be hosting our Bottle vs. Magnum & Jeroboam tasting in 67 Pall Mall’s St James’s Room and equally as excited to simply enjoy a glass or two of our favourite wines in the decadent Members’ Lounge in the future. 67 Pall Mall promises to alter not just the enjoyment of fine wines but more importantly, their accessibility. As such, we’ll finish with a fitting quote from their website: “It has been said that life is too short to drink bad wine.”

We have two tickets remaining for our Bottle vs. Magnum & Jeroboam tasting on Thursday 8th October and they can be purchased here.