Billecart-Salmon names Mathieu Roland-Billecart as Chief Executive

Last month, Champagne Billecart-Salmon announced the appointment of Mathieu Roland-Billecart to the position of Chief Executive Officer. A 7th generation family member, Mathieu Roland-Billecart assumes the role in January 2019 from his cousin François Roland-Billecart, who has headed the company since 1992. The seamless transition from one family member to the next generation has been central to Billecart-Salmon’s long-term success.

Since 1818, the founders’ successors have each brought their enthusiasm, perfectionism and passion for the terroir and the art of vinification to the creation of Billecart-Salmon’s champagne. A born and bred Champenois, Mathieu Roland-Billecart is ready to write a new chapter in the family history.

After spending 15 years at a leading financial advisory firm in London, Mathieu has proven himself a thoughtful leader as well as an astute business manager, qualities that will enable him to lead a team long devoted to quality. But above all, it is his passion for Champagne that will guide his leadership of this 200-year-old family-owned house.

Having sat on the supervisory board for more than five years before joining the board of directors, Mathieu is well-placed to understand the nuances of running the family business, in particular thanks to the guidance of François Roland-Billecart.

Mathieu Roland-Billecart commented: “Champagne Billecart-Salmon’s strength rests on its solid family anchoring that allows us the luxury of taking our time to achieve excellence. My role will be to continue along the path that my predecessors have defined, bringing to it my own contribution. My objective is to continue to develop and improve our wines, because those are what bring about our growth, and most importantly, the loyalty of our most discerning clients. I’m extremely proud to carry on the work of François, who has done a fantastic job over the last 30 years to make Billecart-Salmon one of the best champagne brands in the world.”

The announcement rounds off a momentous year for Billecart-Salmon, who celebrated their 200th anniversary with the release of Billecart-Salmon Bicentenary Cuvée 200 MV, of which just 1,818 magnums and 18 Jeroboams were produced.

François (left) hands the reins to Mathieu (right)


A multi-vintage blend of 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2012