Champagne Bollinger SPECTRE Limited Editions



James Bond may have a lot of secrets, but his love of Bollinger Champagne is not one of them. Britain’s iconic secret agent is famed for enjoying a drink or two and his preference for Bollinger is hardly confusing; 007 and Bollinger Champagne have a lot in common.

Seduction…elegance…distinction, they both represent prestige and have had a long lasting friendship for decades. Bollinger was first mentioned in a Bond novel way back in 1956, in Ian Fleming’s classic, Live & Let Die. Since the screening of this novel in 1973, no less than 13 Bond films have featured Bollinger Champagne and the relationship was sealed in 1979, when an exclusive partnership was agreed alongside the movie release of Moonraker.

In celebration of this lasting friendship, Bollinger frequently release special edition Champagnes to coincide with new James Bond film releases. Indeed, to mark the release of the previous Bond film, Skyfall, in 2012, Bollinger produced a special edition bottle of La Grande Année 2002, housed in a gun-silencer-shaped gift box with a combination lock. The code to open this lock was (yep, you guessed it), 007. Bravo Bollinger!

So, with the secret agent’s latest movie adaptation, Spectre, just around the corner, Bollinger have been at it again…


Sworn to secrecy until this date, The Finest Bubble can now reveal that Bollinger have produced two limited edition Champagnes to commemorate the release of Spectre.

The first of these is an exclusive blend of the 2009 vintage; produced solely to be dedicated to the James Bond Limited Edition. This 2009 vintage is available in bottle, magnum and jeroboam and features a stylish Bond labelling design, combining black and silver with the elegance of soft touch finish. The back label teases: “Unravel the mystery of the Bollinger 2009 vintage. Strong, sophisticated, stylish – this unique Champagne is a true meeting of Bollinger and the iconic secret agent.”

What’s more, this extra special release comes encased in a metal chill box, designed by Carré Basset and inspired by “James Bond’s classic tuxedo and elegance”, which keeps the bottle cold for two hours.

Bollinger-Spectre20091 Spectre bottle
Even more exciting however, is the second limited edition release: a new prestige limited edition of Bollinger R.D. 1988 in magnum. This Champagne, grandiose in its own right, is showcased in an extremely decadent crystal wine cooler.

Designed by Eric Berthés of Saint Louis, this unique piece of crystal art can be used as an ice bowl and features a carbon covering on top along with the Bollinger 007 signature marked with the sign of the octopus; the Spectre. Only 307 of the Crystal sets have been produced, each are individually numbered and packed in a pine wood outer case and can be yours for the princely sum of £4,500.

Jérôme Philipon, president of Champagne Bollinger, commented: “For this exceptional creation, Champagne Bollinger has chosen a partner that shares the same values of French excellence and exacting standards of quality, the Saint-Louis Crystalworks.”

Bollinger-Spectre-Crystal-Set1 Bollinger-Spectre-Crystal-Set


You can purchase these limited edition Bollinger James Bond Spectre Champagnes on here.