Video: Bollinger SPECTRE Crystal set 2007

‘A partnership in the search of excellence’ – these are the first words shown during the 2 minute clip. These seven words define perfectly the craftsmanship and perfection that have modelled Champagne Bollinger’s SPECTRE Saint Louis crystal set. A mouth blown crystal ice bucket designed to replicate the inside of a gun barrel creates a worthy place for the Champagne which occupies it.
The incredible magnum of Bollinger R.D. 1988 stands enshrined in the large Crystal Saint Louis cooler. The 007 gunbarrel logo is subtly visible at the base of the crystal, while the top is marked with the new SPECTRE logo. See how the crystal was created as the video takes you through the journey of creation.
The video below encompasses the expertise and nobody describes this better than Jérôme Philipon, president of Champagne Bollinger who says “For this exceptional creation, Champagne Bollinger has chosen a partner that shares the same values ​​and demands of excellence, Crystal Saint Louis”.

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