Champagne for landmark Anniversaries; 10th, 20th, 25th and 60th

Gifting champagne for a significant Anniversary? Wedding anniversary coming up? Gifting or enjoying a bottle of vintage champagne with the same year as your special occasion adds a nice touch. Due to chance mathematics – and a tradition for great vintages to fall on years ending with ‘4’ – 2024 is one of the best years for birthday and anniversary gifting. See below for our top recommendations from some of this years classic celebratory vintages.

Champagne to Celebrate a 10th Anniversary – Vintage 2014

With a lot of champagne houses releasing 2014 vintages, we couldn’t leave it out. Plus, if you’re having a 10th anniversary or attending someone else’s… you have to drink something, right?! A bottle of vintage 2014 is also a must-have if you’re celebrating a decade of marriage this year. Although most releases have only occurred in the last year or two, 2014 is shaping nicely as a vintage.

Taittinger Brut Vintage 2014
If you’re looking for great value, look no further. At under £70 a bottle (less than £60 if you’re buying twelve!), Taittinger’s Vintage offers admirable consistency from vintage to vintage making it always a safe choice, and one that is worth following over a number of years, offering stunning value with their vintage champagne without any shortcuts on quality.

Bollinger La Grande Annee 2014
La Grande Année – ‘The Great Year’ – a name simple enough to illustrate its exceptional status, because only truly extraordinary years become vintage at Bollinger.

Louis Roederer Cristal 2014
Cristal is, widely recognised as the world’s most awarded prestige cuvée champagne. Currently a young vintage however highly scored by wine critics such as Essi Avellan MW; 96/100 and Anne Krebiehl; 99/100. 2014 is the third vintage of Cristal to be created from 100% bio-dynamically farmed grapes.

Leclerc Briant Abyss Brut Zero 2014
A real unique bottle with Leclerc Briant renown winemaking pioneers. This is now the third release based on wines from the 2014 harvest, blended and bottled in Spring 2015, disgorged in early summer 2018 and then off to Brittany where it spends just over 12 months 60 meters under the sea before being retrieved in autumn 2019. Cuvée Abyss is a champagne with a resolutely maritime character which has benefited from being matured at the bottom of the sea.

Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve | Base Vintage 2014 1.5L and 3.0L
Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve NV contains a blend of 40% reserve wines, with an average age of ten years and spends three years ageing on the lees. To achieve the depth and complexity of the House style, Chef de Cave, Cyril Brut sees the reserve wines used in the blending in two categories; 5-10 years old are added for fruit and freshness, whilst the older reserve wines, 10-20 years old are like spices. We are currently selling Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve NV Jeroboam based on 2014, so 60% of the assemblage is from 2014 and the other 40% is a blend of reserves wines from older vintages.

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Champagne to Celebrate a 20th Anniversary – Vintage 2004

Reaching the end of your teens is a milestone worthy of celebration. Fortunately, champagne from 2004 is a tipple worth celebrating with especially as many experts believe that 2004 is one of the greatest vintages of the last two decades.. The weather in 2004 saw an initial winter of mild temperatures with intermittent storms and hail. The spring and summer months were hot and sunny and the sugar levels late in September produced good quality fruits, especially for the Pinot Noir grapes. A huge harvest in general for the region. Now 20 years of age, these champagnes are starting to showcase some stunning characteristics. We recently held a 2002 vs 2004 tasting, proving the 2004 vintage was amazing value for quality.

Bollinger R.D. 2004
An expert wine with aromas enhanced by its exceptionally long maturation (11 years ) in the Bollinger family cellars – more than three times longer than required. Pinot Noir represents 60% of the House’s vineyards and defines the House style: complex and powerful with remarkable structure.

Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2004
‘Taittinger Comtes de Champagne is a prestige cuvée blanc de blancs made entirely from Chardonnay grapes sourced from the best vines in the prestigious Côte des Blancs region. It is only produced when the harvest is of exceptional quality worthy of a vintage year. Comtes 2004 took a very honourable second place in our 2002 vs 2004 tasting, beaten only by its predecessor Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 2002. Comtes 02 (1st place 19.5) however is 76% price premium over 04 (2nd place 19.3) surely making 2004 the best value champagne in the tasting.

Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage Collection Extra Brut 2004 3.0L
Grand Vintage 2004 is the maison’s 70th vintage. This champagne is a very limited release, typically Moet Grand Vintage is released after 6-8 years on the lees, this late release version with 8 years lees ageing has broadened out the texture and really added to its complexity.

Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millenaires Blanc de Blancs 2004
Charles Heidsieck’s prestige cuvée is a blend of pure Chardonnay from just five different Crus: Avize, Cramant, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Oger and Vertus. An absolute masterpiece from the Côte des Blancs, this cuvée spends more than fifteen years maturing in the heart of Charles Heidsieck’s two-thousand-year-old chalk cellars.

Laurent-Perrier Alexandra Rose 2004 75cl & 1.5L
Laurent-Perrier Alexandra Rosé is a rare and cherished wine. This unique prestige cuvée rosé is only created in years when the Grand Cru grapes of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay reach maturity at the same time. 95-97/100 Essi Avellan MW

Dom Perignon 2004
Pinot Noir fruit dominate, which are those red fruits like raspberry, peach and dark cherry. The Chardonnay adds a supporting layer of chalky texture and delicious fruit in the yellow spectrum like plum, apple and tropical notes of pineapple. The 2004 vintage leaves its mark on the history of Dom Pérignon for its ease and generosity.

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Champagne to Celebrate a 25th Anniversary – Vintage 1999

Following severe November frosts, winter was a combination of rain, snow, cold and cloud, but also bursts of mild, sunny weather. Spring showed almost as many contrasts, with snow on April 14th, then warm weather between April 25th and 30th. This led to a fine flowering period. By the end of August, the harvest looked very promising and despite some rains, the harvest produced plenty of heavy and healthy bunches.

Laurent-Perrier Vintage Reserve Recently Disgorged 1999 Magnum
Laurent-Perrier make vintages very rarely, only selecting the very best years. This makes their Brut Millésimé a rare and outstanding champagne that expresses clearly the specific character of each vintage in the Laurent-Perrier style. The release of a trio of vintages, ’97, ’99 and 2000 is is the first time vintage magnums have been released as “recent disgorgements” with 20+ years on the lees, giving them amazing texture and fruit expression, yet because of the recent disgorgements, they are super fresh.

Palmer & Co Collection Vintage 1999
17 years lees ageing. The very long ageing process gives an intense and complex character to these great wines while at the same time ensuring that they remain remarkably fresh to the palate

Louis Roederer Cristal Vinotheque 1999
Now world-famous, Cristal is produced only from the truly great vintages in which the ripeness of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes can provide the subtle and precise balance that is now the distinction of this cuvée.  The philosophy behind this edition is to leave a few hundred bottles of Cristal on the lees for around ten years longer than the original release, add a lower dosage (~2-3 g/L less than the original) after disgorgement and let them rest in the cellars for seven years before release.  These have undergone 17 years lees ageing in Louis Roederer’s cellars and only 1000 of these have been produced.

Rare Brut Millesime 1999 Magnum
Rare is a truly unique prestige cuvée. In the summer of 1976, an unprecedented heatwave struck France so the winemaking team began to wonder: could it be possible to create a cuvée given the remarkable conditions? Thus these cuvées are only produced in these exceptional years. 95-96/100 Essi Avellan MW.

Dom Perignon 1999 & P2 1999
Now some years on from the initial release, these champagnes are starting to show how good they are. A full and lasting champagne pays compliment to a vintage that today is showing better than ever.
After studying the natural course of ageing that vintage champagne seems to undertake, the winemaking team found that, rather than improving steadily and linearly (as is the case with many wines), it develops and matures through three defined stages in its life. The 1999 vintage first release was as Dom Pérignon (P1) in 2008 now some 11 years later we see the fuller expression of the fruit with a full palate from the extra lees ageing. The first release (P1) comes approximately 8 years after the harvest and is the style that most consumers are familiar with. The second stage (P2) takes roughly 15 years, during which time the cuvée takes a profound leap to a new quality level.

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Champagne to Celebrate a 60th Anniversary – Vintage 1964

Unfortunately, champagne from as far back as 1964 is increasingly hard to come by, however we have you covered as we have recently received these directly from Lanson cellars. They generally take on a deeper-golden colour as they age, and whilst the younger champagnes may be fresher, the rich characteristics of an older champagne can be unbeatable unless stored incorrectly. See our article on The Importance of correct Champagne storage. If you’re turning 60 or celebrating a 60th anniversary this year, that means you should celebrate properly.

Lanson Vintage Collection 1964 – 75cl & 1.5L
The House of Lanson is one of a select few to possess a truly impressive collection of fine vintage champagnes. These bottles of 1964 are exceedingly rare and were shipped to us from Lanson in autumn 2023 after an astonishing 54 years on lees. At this age the bottles will have expected low pressure, with just a very light spritz but a privilege to own a bottle of such age. 


Bollinger La Grande Annee 2014


The elegantly presented Abyss Brut Zero comes complete with (genuine) barnacles!


Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2004


Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage Collection Extra Brut 2004 3.0L


Rare Champagne Vintage 1999


Supreme World Champion: Dom Pérignon 2004 Magnum


Lanson Vintage Collection 1964