Cooperative Champagnes Beat Famous Brands in Big Fizz Tasting

On 23rd August 2018, eight expert judges tasted nearly 200 bottles of champagne for the annual 2018 Champagne Masters, hosted by The Drinks Business.

Although the full results are yet to be published, judge and journalist Patrick Schmitt recently revealed that amongst the best performing champagnes tasted on the day were a number of cooperative champagnes, including Champagne Palmer.

Cooperative producers are owned and run jointly by their members, who are growers. Often considered to be of inferior quality to the Grandes Marques, cooperative champagnes are typically sold at a lower price. The results from this tasting show what amazing value some of the best cooperative champagnes in the market offer.

Read the article on the cooperatives’ strong performance at The Drinks Business 2018 Champagne Masters here.

A full report on all the medal winners in the 2018 Champagne Masters will be published on The Drinks Business soon.

A report on cooperative champagnes’ strong performance at The Drinks Business 2018 Champagne Masters can be found here.