Financial Times: How the Champagne wine glass is killing the flute

The world of Champagne has become increasingly interested in the effect of different glasses on our experiences of tasting. Out with the old and in with the new; traditionally a champagne flute was the go to glass to drink champagne with, a tall sleek glass with limited space for anything other than bubbles. However, tradition is sometimes replaced by research and science.

In this Financial Times article a range of Champagne Houses flutes are discussed and the research behind each choice.

The general consensus is the glass should allow enough surface area for the aromatics of the champagne to develop but too much surface area, that seen in a burgundy style glass,  “A wide rim is going to help bubbles dissipate quickly, which is not the name of the game when it takes up to 10 years . . . to put the effervescence in the bottle,” says Françoise Peretti, Director of Champagne Bureau UK.

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