The Friday Bubble review of Hors Serie 1982 with winemaker Emilien Boutillat

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This week on The Friday Bubble we had a truly unique experience reviewing Piper-Heidsieck Duo: Sauvage & Hors Serie 1982 side by side with Chief Winemaker Emilien Boutillat.

The fruit of the same vintage, the same blend and dosage, Brut Sauvage 1982 and Hors-Série 1982 each boast a distinctive character, a result of their different ageing processes.

In autumn 2021, Piper-Heidsieck launched their new series of Champagne “Hors-Série” and the first release was Vintage 1971. November 2022 sees the release of the next Hors-Série, which is Vintage 1982. Hors-Série 1982 has been disgorged in the spring of 2022 after 39 years of storage on lees by current cellar master Emilien Boutillat. 

Émilien Boutillat offers a reflection on time with Brut Sauvage 1982 and Hors-Série 1982, presented in the Diptyque 1982 gift box, numbered, and released in a limited edition of 500 boxes. These two cuvées showcase a new perspective on time, revealing different phenomenal sensations and precise generous aromas on the nose and the palate.