Is there such a thing as the perfect wine glass? Article written by Douglas Blyde for Decanter

‘Everyone deserves a perfect partner, as a nice bottle of wine deserves the right glass,’ says Marcello Neri, head sommelier of Kensington’s Launceston Place restaurant. However, unlike spectacles, where one pair ordinarily suffices to bring a multitude of subjects into sharper view, humanity has managed to further complicate the subject of wine by designing a dizzying array of glasses to enhance it, whether they flatter specific varietals, styles or bottles at a particular stage of maturity.

In this guide, you will find such specialised tools as well as, for those on a budget, with limited storage, or incurable indecision, excellent one size fits all options. However, common to every glass included is the tapering, tulip shaped nature of the generously proportioned bowl which, true wine lovers unite on, helps build and nurture aromas and, when swirled, keeps the liquid within from spilling out.

Such a form also applies too to glasses for sparkling wines. As Nick Baker, founder of merchant, The Finest Bubble, advises, ‘remember, the Champagne flute can be beautiful if you want to watch bubbles, but it is hopeless if you want to enjoy the aromatics hence we recommend people throw them away!’ Stephen Duckett, co-founder of England’s Hundred Hills sparkling wine estate agrees. ‘Designed to mask poor quality Champagnes, flutes were never expected to become ubiquitous, but cheap Champagnes and Prosecco accelerated the need for them in modern times.’

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