Louis Roederer Brut Premier – Best Proof of Roederer Expertise

Written by TheDrinksBusiness.com in July 2015, we are glad to see highlighted again the quality of Louis Roederer Brut Premier, the house’s non-vintage label. It is easy to forget the amazing effort and time spent creating this champagne each year from over 600 different reserves wines. A task that has fallen to Louis Roederer cellar master Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon for the past 35 years.

Lécaillon points out that, “Brut Premier is the heart of our know-how; it is about history, about reserve wines, about blending; it is a very complex wine.”

Continuing, he says, “I create Brut Premier, but I compose a vintage – Brut Premier is really a Roederer creation.”

After admitting that not one Brut Premier will taste exactly the same as the previous Lécaillon states that each should have “freshness and texture – at first there is a sensual touch, which is followed by fresh acidity.”


The house is more widely recognised by its superb prestige cuvée Cristal, a champagne which is produced in a clear glass bottle with no punt underneath. Louis Roederer have recently released their 2007 vintage of Cristal, that already has had proclaimed reviews of 97/100 from Antonio Galloni. Another first for the house was the release of Brut Nature 2006, a sugarless champagne which was created after the 2006 harvest showed great freshness.