Mix 6 and Mix 12 Champagne Pricing

Mix 6+ bottles to take advantage of our Mix 6 and Mix 12 pricing

We know that the top champagnes can come with quite a price tag. Therefore, we try to make tasting the best brands and the best cuvées more affordable for everyone. For every product (providing we have enough stock), we offer tiered pricing categories for single bottle, 6+ bottle and 12+ bottle purchases, with prices getting cheaper the more you buy.

What we think is so great about this pricing system is that cases can be mixed. This means that if you are buying 6+ bottles (or 12+ bottles), you will get the Mix 6 bottle price (or Mix 12 bottle price) for each product, no matter what you are ordering.

For example, if you buy three bottles of one product and three bottles of another, you will be charged the 6 bottle price for all of them. Or, if you’ve been waiting to try something really special – next time you order you’re favourite vintage champagne, buy five bottles and one bottle of the equivalent prestige cuvée, saving money with the 6 bottle prices for each.

Or, for a truly diverse tasting experience, mix up your champagne styles completely! You could order an extra brut champagne, a zero dosage champagne, a rosé champagne, a blanc de blancs champagne, a blanc de noir champagne, and a vintage champagne, paying the Mix 6 price for each bottle and getting all the ingredients for a fantastic tasting experience.

What’s more, if you order 6+ bottles, standard delivery is free! Your can place your order online or by phone. If you have any questions, call Chris or Nick on 020 7359 1608.