New English Winery Approved – Taittinger’s Domaine Evremond

The proposed new winery & visitor centre. Credit: Ashford Borough Council

Domaine Evremond – New Winery Plans Accepted


Taittinger’s UK venture has taken another giant leap, as they have secured planning permission for their new winery for Domaine Evremond. Set near Chilham in Kent within the North Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), Taittinger and Hatch Mansfield’s joint UK operation has had plans approved for a two-floor 1,390sqm winery building and visitor centre. On the 550-acre estate, the visitor centre will allow visitors to explore all things English Sparkling Wines and the winery building will allow 400,000 bottles to be produced each year. The winery has been designed to meet the needs of the wine-making process, whilst limiting its impact within the surrounding landscape, traditionally dominated by fruit farms. The building been conceived to reflect the character and material palette of the Kent Downs while also incorporating significant environmental and biodiversity gains. It will be fully equipped for wine storage, production, bottling, labelling and packaging units. According to the plans two thirds of the building will be underground, with the final third (see picture) overground but with a “chalk grassland roof” and a brick façade that blends in with the natural surroundings.

Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger planting first vines in 2017

Champagne Taittinger acquired the land in March 2015 with the plans of create an English Sparkling Wine using the knowledge and expertise in place in France. The first batch of vines were planted 2017, 20 hectares of the three ‘Champagne’ grape varietals, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Meunier, an additional 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay were planted over 8.5 hectares in 2020.

Patrick McGrath, managing director at Hatch Mansfield, said: “We can confirm that Domaine Evremond has received planning permission to build a winery and visitor centre in Chilham. This marks a key milestone for us and the long journey that started five years ago continues as we work through the process with further approvals to follow and different stages of work to be completed before building can commence at the wine estate. This is all very good news and there is plenty more work to be done.”

Champagne Pommery also have ventured into the UK with the house producing the newly released ‘Louis Pommery’. In a partnership with Haittingley Valley, one of Hampshire’s English Sparkling Wine Producers, Pommery have been able to use Haittingley’s winery and facilities. Will we see more and more Champagne houses start to lay roots in England in the years to come?

We are very excited to see the production from Domaine Evremond.