The Friday Bubble – Tasting Les Clos Pompadour with Pommery Chef de Cave Clément Pierlot

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Today on The Friday Bubble with Pommery Chef de Cave Clément Pierlot and TFB Founder Nick Baker.

Join us as we enjoy a glass of Pommery 2004 Les Clos Pompadour in the Clos itself whilst comparing it to its predecessor 2003, Clément explains the his affection for the 2004 vintage and how it was his first year as Vineyard manager before transitioning to Chef de Cave in 2017. Les Clos Pompadour, is the single largest clos in champagne, some 25 hectares are nestled in within the city walls of Reims with an impressive 2 metre high wall surrounding the entire vineyard. We discuss the benefits of the Vine age, chalk soils, size of the Clos and the microclimate in which it forms.

WEATHER: The 2004 vintage saw an initial winter of mild temperatures with intermittent storms and hail. The spring and summer months were hot and sunny and the sugar levels late in September produced good quality fruits, especially for the Pinot Noir grapes. A huge harvest in general for the region. Overall many experts believe that 2004 is one of the greatest vintages of the last two decades.

Amongst the best terroirs of Champagne, the fantastic Clos Pompadour is able to sublimate the greatest vintages. A meticulous selection of the most beautiful grapes of the three champagne varieties, reaching a perfect maturity thanks to a pure chalk subsoil and a micro climate linked to the traditional walls which enclose these Clos, have allowed the winemakers of the Maison to preserve and enhance the minerality of the wines from this remarkable site. The Clos over the top of the deep chalk cellars were planted mainly in the 1960’s with over two thirds chardonnay. As a champagne this is a relative newcomer, the first vintage was 2002, technically a NV, but it is all 2002 and the intention of the cellar master is to make the champagne, only in magnum, every year.