The Sizes of Champagne Bottles

The extensive range of wine bottle sizes has its roots in the early to mid 1700s when it was discovered that cork acted as a sealing agent, allowing wine to age and not spoil. Larger bottles allow wine to age over longer periods of time, and are therefore particularly suited to longer aging wines, such as Champagne and Bordeaux. Most of the names come from the Bible: this tradition was started by the Champagne Houses back in the 19th century.

Larger bottles let the wine develop a more nuanced flavour and a deeper complexity than a smaller wine bottle, resisting temperature changes more easily. Bigger wine bottles require specialised racking with wider spacing for safer storage, and serve to give a home a distinguished look.


 Name Millilitres Bottles Glasses
Half bottle 375ml 0.5 3
Standard Bottle 750ml 1 6
Magnum 1500ml 2 12
Jeroboam 3000ml 4 24
Methuselah 6000ml 8 48
Salmanzar 9000ml 12 72
Balthazar 12000ml 16 96
Nebuchadnezzar 15000ml 20 120