The Telegraph: Christmas is coming, here’s how to find the best champagne for you

We were recently featured in The Telegraph in an article written by wine correspondent Victoria Moore. With Christmas fast approaching, Victoria shares her top tips for branching out and selecting a champagne you haven’t tried before – namely, by attending a tasting featuring a broad range of brands and styles, like our Champagne Range Tasting on Wednesday 13th November 2019.

“Who doesn’t love to drink champagne? But how many buy it ‘safety-first’, picking a familiar brand instead of hunting out one they particularly like? Who even knows which champagnes they do particularly like? Something about the generosity of a popping cork makes it feel ungrateful to start dissecting the flavour or admitting out loud that it’s not the best one you’ve ever had.”

Read the full article on The Telegraph here.

Read the full article on The Telegraph here