Private Tastings

If you would like to taste a new vintage of your favourite Champagne or perhaps try a new brand or a selection of Champagnes you’ve never tasted before, then a private tasting event with The Finest Bubble is the perfect opportunity.

Number of People at a tasting: We frequently organize events of this nature, for private clients and companies of all sizes. The ideal number for a tasting is 14 people or a multiple of that number, since that is the number of tasting samples from one bottle. Tasting for more than around 28 people do become much less personal and will require more resources and hence costs would go up. All our Champagnes come direct from the Champagne houses and are held under perfect storage conditions so you can taste with assurance that the Champagne will be in great condition.

Live Voting on Smart Phones: We have developed a live voting system that allows you to score the champagnes on your smart-phones, which is ideal if we are tasting blind and trying to guess the champagnes. It’s an ideal way to add a bit of competition into these events.

Theme of Champagne Tastings: See some examples of what we offer below. Vertical tastings – these are a great way, especially blind to taste say 5 champagnes from the same house, but all from different vintages. Horizontal tasting is where you pick a vintage like 2004 and then taste that year from 5 different champagne houses, also fascinating when done blind. Otherwise we can do a simple tasting where we pick 5 champagnes at different price points and styles and show champagnes say from around £35 a bottle to over a £100 a bottle. There are many different ways and themes to do these tasting so feel free to share your ideas with us.

Location of Event: We are happy to accommodate your tasting in a location that works for you – at your company’s office, your private address or at a neutral location, such as one of the London restaurants we have relationships with.

Cost of Event: Typically we just look to charge for the cost of the champagnes used in the tastings and if required we can provide high quality champagne glasses. You would need to consider cost of a venue if you are not able to host the event.

Who will do the tasting: We work with several Master's of Wine who we can book to come and run the tasting, this has a cost, or Nick or Founder often runs the events. If the tasting is just one brand we could invite a person from the Champagne House concerned to also come to the tasting.

Please give us a call or email us to discuss your private tasting event.