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The Finest Bubble Champagne Stopper

Description & Technical Information
These stoppers are great at preserving champagne after opening a bottle. If the bottle remains half or more full these stoppers are great at keeping the champagne fresh for up to 7 days. If there is less than a third of a bottle we recommend keeping it for just 2-3 days. There maybe slight loss of bubbles, but the champagne will remain in sound condition.

Remember if you seal with a stopper there will be a pressure build up in side the bottle so open as cautiously as you would as if it were a cork. Bottles that are re-sealed with a stopper and are half full or more can surprise you with pressure build up.

We always recommend champagne is opened an hour before you want to drink it and leave it open in the fridge either with or without the stopper. This will really improve your enjoyment of the champagne as they need time after opening to show their full aromatics.

Then all you need is good glassware, never use champagne flutes or coups as both wont allow you to enjoy any of the aromatics. Try the Lehmann Grand Champagne glass one of the best all round champagne glasses.

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