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Dom Pérignon is the prestige cuvée of Moët & Chandon, but the production, style and sheer class of the wines are so distinguishable, the two brands are best considered autonomous. Dom Pérignon is produced on premises in Épernay and is based on a core of grand cru villages, including the oldest vines of the premier cru of Hautvillers, the historical and spiritual home of Dom Pérignon.

Richard Geoffrey, Chef de Cave, speaks of three ages of peak maturity in Dom Pérignon's life; the first after 7-8 years (the standard release - currently the 2006 vintage), the second at 12-20 years and a third at 35-40 years. Dom Pérignon makes these mature vintages available through extremely limited 'Oenothèque' releases, representing just 1-2% of only the most age-worthy vintages. Oenothèques are an attestation to the battery life of energy and youth contained within the lees in a bottle of champagne, capable of sustaining a bottle for a lifetime.

Since Moët & Chandon first produced its prestige cuvée in 1921, Dom Pérignon has enjoyed extraordinary brand recognition and worldwide distribution. 'The Dom' is a wine of tension, power and long-aging endurance and has been the vision of the talented Richard Geoffrey for over two and a half decades.

The 2006 Vintage

Released five months after the 2005 vintage, Dom Pérignon 2006 is the fifth consecutive release from the label since the 2002. This vintage is being earmarked to be exceptional with near perfect growing conditions culminating in Champagne that is sure to improve with age. Early indications suggest that this Champagne is set to get better and better, and in time formulating a reputation and awe like the 2002 vintage.

Antonio Galloni, of, has already shown his appreciation of this fabulous vintage with a staggering 97/100 (1 point higher than his original score for the 2002) and commented, “The 2006 Dom Pérignon is a beautifully balanced, harmonious Dom Pérignon that strikes and incredibly appealing stylistic middle ground.” With resemblance of both 2002 and 2004 (two incredible vintages) this latest release will have it’s time in the spotlight now and certainly in the future.

Richard Geoffrey, Chef de Cave at Dom Pérignon has spoken about the 2006 vintage "There's a deep harmony to this tightly wound Champagne that promises a beautiful evolution. It’s likely that the 2006 will be one for the ages."

Market Value

Looking at the 5-year performance of Dom Pérignon 2002, which has experienced an impressive 28% market value increase, shows vintage Dom Pérignon’s potential for market value appreciation.

Cellar Watch graph

Dom Pérignon also experiences an excellent vintage premium, increasing extensively in value with age as supply diminishes; crucial for investment potential. As the table below shows, the 1998 vintage (which scored lower than the 2005 and is generally considered an average Dom Pérignon) is already valued at £700 - a 103% increase on its release price.

Dom Pérignon POP scores by vintage
Vintage Av. case price Galloni Score POP
1996 £1,700 97 100
1998 £1,410 92 117.5
1999 £1,000 93 77
2000 £1,050 94 75
2002 £1,080 98 60
2003 £858 94 61.3
2004 £920 97 54.1
2005 £950 94 67.9
2006 £910 97 53.5

Data as at 6th January 2016

TFB In Bond Price: £1,250.00 per 6x75cl case

Antonio Galloni, – 97/100 - “The 2006 Dom Pérignon is a beautifully balanced, harmonious Dom Pérignon that strikes an incredibly appealing stylistic middle ground. Rich, voluptuous and creamy, the 2006 shows off fabulous intensity in a style that brings together the ripeness of 2002 with the greater sense of verve and overall freshness that is such a signature of the 2004. Bass notes and a feeling of phenolic grip on the finish recall the 2003, as the Pinot Noir is particularly expressive today. After an irregular summer that saw elevated temperatures in July followed by cooler, damp conditions in August, more favorable weather returned in September, pushing maturation ahead and leading to a long, protracted harvest. The 2006 falls into the family of riper, more voluptuous Dom Pérignons, but without veering into the level of opulence seen in vintages such as 2002.”

Jancis Robinson MW, – 18+/20 - “Tasted blind. Pale greenish gold. Intense youthful nose. Dense and tense. Youthful with some sweetish creaminess. Slightly chewy on the end. 2006? ”

Assi Evellan MW,, - 96/100 - The 2006 is a bold and ripe Dom Pérignon full of exuberant tropical fruit and vanilla notes, topped up with the hallmark fragrant, gunpowder and toast character. It has a broad, rich mid-palate and a truly dry, salient finish with a phenolic touch of a ripe year. The fruitiness is polished and bright and there is fine, balanced freshness to it. This vintage is built to last, it is still tight but packed with fleshy fruitiness. ”

Wine Valuation & Selling

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Financial Risk

We have presented information that shows the historical case for Dom Pérignon as an investment and any forward looking statements are forecasts and not guarantees. Since the value of any investment can go down as well as up we recommend you consult with an accredited financial expert before making investment decisions.

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Last Updated: 6th January 2016