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Moet & Chandon MCIII MV

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Description & Technical Information
The creation of MCIII relies on a consistent concept: MCIII is a multi-vintage assemblage. Every successive MCIII saga - every unique expression of MCIII - will embody the same concept. Diverse wines will be united by a common philosophy and structure yet each will preserve its own personality.

The first MCIII saga is the cuvée 001.14. ‘001’ references the first cuvée, and “.14” references the disgorgement date. This wine is the fruit of 10 years of assemblage and cellar aging

MCIII opens a brand new chapter in the story of Moët & Chandon. The ultimate expression and definitive fusion of the House’s savoir-faire, MCIII represents the pinnacle of winemaking prowess honed for more than 270 years, from Moët Impérial to Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage to Moët Ice Impérial.

An innovative, intuitive assemblage, MCIII is the crowning glory of centuries of expertise and an unprecedented concept in champagne making: For the very first time, the House has crafted a champagne from vintage wines meticulously matured in three essential aging environments: metal, wood and glass. The quintessence of richly diverse forms of wine maturation, MCIII is an assemblage of fine vintage wines aged in stainless steel vats and oak casks combined with more mature vintage champagne aged on lees in glass bottles.

This ultra-prestige cuvée is a bold new assemblage, a hybrid creation, a pioneering interpretation of multi-vintages champagne. MCIII masterfully embodies the force of diverse vintage wines matured in three different environments: metal, wood and glass.

The uncommonly refined personality of MCIII lies in this strikingly pioneering blend, which renders the characteristics of each of the assembled wines even bolder and more forceful. Moët & Chandon captures the supreme attributes of each aging environment to craft a remarkable champagne, a trilogy of ideally balanced diversity.

The result, A champagne that boasts the perfect equilibrium of harmony and complexity, the House’s statement of the ultimate in tasting pleasure, an undeniably sumptuous, exclusive experience.

Grape Varieties: 40% Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay
Dosage: 9 g/L
Champagne Moet & Chandon Overview
Expert Reviews
Essi Avellan MW
“There is an exceptional yet rather complicated concept of blending for Moët & Chandon's new, exiting prestige cuvée, so bear with me: The first cuvée is based on the 2003 vintage. To it they blended reserve wines from 2002 vintage for richness, 2000 for freshness and 1998 for elegance. Finally, aged, undisgorged Grand Vintages were added to crown the whole. 1999 was chosen for its richness, 1998 for its elegance and 1993 for its freshness. The first batch carries the code 001.14, with ‘001’ referencing the first cuvée, and ’.14’ the disgorgement year. The reserve wine element takes the leading role at first with their gourmand richness, aged honey-toned, walnut ant patisserie aromatics and a polished, mellow palate texture. Despite the aged elements it sits safely on the reductive side with fine coffee and gunpowder notes pushing through the mature wine exuberance, leaving behind a brisk overall impression. With the lemony fragrant and boosted toasty character, the wine comes with a clear Moët stamp it. Voluptuous by all measures, it is calm and caressingly soft. Particularly delightful is its peaking form just now, there is no need to wait. Tour de force, a masterpiece of Moët blending.”
Stephan Reinhardt
“As MC-owned Dom Pérignon sails under its own flag, the NV MCIII is the new prestige cuvée of Moët & Chandon, and it is nothing but a unique assemblage of different vintages or what MC calls "the Champagne of the third millennium." With its ambitious MCIII, Moët seeks the perfect "balance between harmony and generous complexity" by blending young vintages aged in stainless steel vats (I), with matured vintages aged in oak casks (II), and rare vintages aged in glass bottles (III). Call it madness or the "icon of luxury for a new generation," but this is of what the inaugural assemblage NV MCIII 001.14 is made: steel-fermented vins clairs of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the vintage 2003, which were blended together in 2004 and comprise 40% of the cuvée (I); another 40% blends the declared vintages 2002, 2000 and 1998 that were mainly fermented in large oak vats and kept as vins clairs for Moët's Grand Vintage (II); and the final 20% assembles the Grand Vintage Collection Champagnes 1999, 1998 and 1993, which had already undergone the second fermentation, but had not been disgorged yet (III). The "ultimate expression of blending" was created in 2004 and kept for ten years on the lees of the second (respectively third) fermentation. The cuvée 001.14 was disgorged in 2014 as Brut with a dosage of four or five grams per liter. The expensive wine offers a fascinatingly deep and concentrated bouquet that is very clear and fresh in its fruit aromas, but also delivers complex secondary aromas of coffee, nougat, biscuits and many more flavors. Full-bodied, ripe and intense on the palate, this is a rich and powerful, yet round and highly elegant cuvée of great complexity and persistence. It is stunningly fresh and pairs fruity aromas with nutty and spicy flavors, revealing a delicate tannin structure and a very long, salty and mineral finish. The MCIII can age for many years and I would recommend not drinking it much earlier than 2020.”
CSWWC Gold 2019
IWC Gold 2018
DWWA Gold 2018
CSWWC Gold 2016
News Articles
  1. Moët & Chandon: 2018 Vins Clairs Tasting

    Moët & Chandon: 2018 Vins Clairs Tasting

    May 10, 2019

    Moët & Chandon winemaker Amine Ghanem talked us through the trials and tribulations of the 2018 vintage during our last visit to Champagne. He acknowledged it was a "challenging" vintage, but overall still "one of the best years region wide" - the resulting base wines he showed us were outstanding.
  2. Moët & Chandon: Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

    Moët & Chandon: Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

    April 6, 2017

    Enlightening, educational and at times jaw-dropping, our visit to Moët was one of a kind. Amine Ghanem showed us the 2016 Vins Clairs, new Grand Vintage 2008, a 1988 magnum and the ultra-prestige MCIII.
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